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the bolivian retrospective

*Gallery opening party: sunday, june 23rd from 1-4pM


Alejandra Palenque was born in La Paz, Bolivia and came to live in the United States in 1970 at the age of six, which came as a total culture shock. The images being displayed in this “Bolivian Retrospective” were taken during Alejandra’s first and only visit back to her homeland in 1986.She and her family spent ten days traveling through this beautiful country, documenting over 500 images.


These photos were taken the old-fashioned way, on film. Alejandra used Kodachrome 200 for some images, and Kodak CP 100 for others. All photographs were taken with a Nikon FM2 single lens reflex using an 80 to 200mm lens. This allowed Alejandra to not only shoot up close but also from a distance, to not disturb the subjects in their natural settings. These selected images are her favorites from the hundreds of photographs taken and have been carefully curated for your viewing pleasure.

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