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Fran Wieckowski presents: LUCID

February 15th - march 15th

opening show sunday, february 18th 1-4pm



“Whether I'm painting, writing music & lyrics, bringing a character to life through acting, or lucid dreaming, it all comes from a vibrant world inside me that I don't completely understand and love dearly. This inner life instinctively leads me to give shape and voice to it in everything I create. Being accurately representational is not most important.

Till now I've held on to this body of work, like a closed private journal that has recorded bits and pieces of my personal history, unfinished dreams, and ghosts of my life experiences, leaving in its wake cherished transformations witnessed only by me.

And now I'm opening it.

The thread running through these paintings for me is a longing to feel and express light and color. While I use the literal image and solid structure of my subject to ground it in reality, I use light and color to lift it away from reality into a sense of the other worldly. Out of this tension, some presence comes alive in the finished work.


I started painting at the age of 7, determined to discover my own creative process, no tricks, formulas or training. In my 20's I left my hometown, Langhorne, PA to study acting in New York City at Circle In The Square and HB STUDIOS with Herbert Berghof and Uta Hagen. During this time I also became a very devoted and prolific songwriter and since have recorded 3 CDs of original songs. As a musician I've performed at UCLA, clubs and art galleries in NYC and Philadelphia, and Lehigh Valley venues including Musikfest.

As an artist's model for more than 30 years, I feel privileged to have worked with many gifted artists and learned from a few inspiring teachers just by being able to observe them in action. Currently I enjoy being creative as a Dance and Yoga Instructor working with the power of breath and rhythm.”


Paintings from 1990 - 2016

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